♥ ALLAH is with U Always..

When u r blessed, HE is AR-Rehman

When u r hungry, HE is AR-Razzaq

When u r honoured, HE is Al-Mu'izz

When u r weak, HE is Al-Moqeet

When u pray, HE is Al-Mujeeb

When u need a friend, HE is Al-Wali

When u r detracked, HE is Al-Hadi

When u r gifted, HE is Al-Kareem

When u r forgiven, He is Al-Gafoor

When u r in the darkness of Hopelessness, HE is Al-Noor

If u r a sinner, HE is AT-Tawwab

Feel the presence of ALLAH alwayz.. ♥

Saya sayang Anda :D

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